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 Read me please!

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PostSubject: Read me please!   Tue May 05, 2015 1:42 am

Hey there! Are you new? I'll make this short then, I never liked a big paragraph of rules and regulations anyway.

Be nice and appropriate! This forum is E for everyone because, well, pokemon did start out as a kids show and game.

There is a store. But, it is not automated unfortunately.
We use pokepoints, which can be used as money to buy things from the store. They can be acquired by simply logging in daily, sending messages, and submitting replies and posts for topics and subjects. If you are caught sending spam messages, posts, or topics, the points you received will be deducted.
You can send your points to any of the staff, just make sure you include what item you would like from the store and you shall receive it whenever that staff member logs back on. Try to choose an active staff member.

If/Until I can put in a battle system, pokemon are more for collecting for the bragging rights! Role plays are also allowed, so using the pokemon you collect in roleplays is totally fine too.

Have Fun.
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Read me please!
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